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Job Description: 

Printers set up and operate digital, letterpress, lithographic, flexographic, gravure, newspaper and other printing presses.


Tasks include

  • setting, adjusting and monitoring substrate-feed mechanisms, delivery mechanisms, inking systems and other printing machine functions
  • mixing ink and solvents to standard, and regulating paper and ink supply during print runs
  • monitoring, evaluating and determining press to check print quality standards against proofs and detect malfunctions
  • producing a variety of printed products using relief, lithographic, flexographic and gravure printing presses, and in-line finishing systems
  • preparing plates, blankets and impression cylinders on small offset lithographic printing presses
  • loading paper into feeding mechanisms
  • monitoring machine operations and quality of printing
  • maintaining, adjusting, repairing and cleaning machines
  • producing digital print images, and transferring and outputting images.
Specific Occupations: 

Printer / Proof-presser/ Pressman/Maturer/ layer-on/Taker-off/ Inker/ Feeder (paper/ printing press)

Printer (bromide/Stonehand/ Ferro/ silk-screen/ block/ textile/ bag/ copper plate)/ Printer-to-metal (photogravure)

Cutter/maker, stencil (silk-screen)/Embosser(paper)/ Stamper (heraldic printing)/ Holder, section (priming)/ Operator, letterpress (cylinder/platen)

Press-operator, printing (cylinder/platen /direct lithographic)/ Operator, press: digital/Operator, press: flexographic/Operator, press: gravure/Operator, press: large sheet-fed /Operator, press: photogravure/Operator, press: screen printing/Operator, press: small/Operator, press: web

Press-operator, printing (offset/ rotary/ rotogravure/ wallpaper/)

Machine-operator, casting (Ludlow/ printing type)/printing (textiles)/Setteroperator, casting machine (printing type)

Machine-operator, photo-typesetting

Machine-operator, (composing (linotype)/Braille (plate preparer)/duplicating (braille) Jogger, web press/ Operator, feeder: printing/Operator, letterpress: rotary/Operator, machine: casting (printing type)/Operator, machine: phototypesetting

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Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2348