7321-Pre-press technicians

Job Title: 

Pre-press technicians

Job Description: 

Pre-press technicians proof, format, set and compose text and graphics into a form suitable for use in various printing processes and representation in other visual media.


Tasks include

  • operating graphic cameras and other photographic equipment to reproduce camera-ready copy onto films, plates and digital output devices
  • using computer applications to generate images, text, layouts and impositions for print and other visual media displays
  • operating plate making equipment to reproduce images from film to printing plates, digital output devices and presses
  • operating computer screen-based equipment for scanning, colour separation, colour correction, masking, creative design, combining, imposing, retouching, and other processes used to transfer copy to film and produce film for plate, digital output and cylinder productions
  • carrying out digital and chemical proofing from digital systems, and negative and positive films
  • evaluating printed proofs, checking and correcting them for quality
  • preparing and exposing carbon tissue for laying on cylinders by transfer method, and developing images.
Specific Occupations: 

Assistant, planning (printing)/Compositor, printing (hand)/Foreman, composer room (printing) / (Imposer/impositor/ Photo-composer)printing,proof presser/ Mounter, photogravure (printing)/Zinc corrector.

Operator, desktop publishing equipment

Operator/Moulder (intertype/ linotype/ monotype keyboard)/Electrotyper/ Monotyper/ Typesetter (linotype/ photo-type)/ Type-caster (printing and publishing)/ Caster, (stereotype/ electrotype)

Maker (braille plate/ stencil plate (printing)/ Maker-up (photo-typesetting/ printing)/ Moulder(roller (printing)/ stereotype/ electrotype)

Engraver (picture/ printing (lithographic stone)/ Printing (metal die/ metal plate/ metal roller/ pantograph/ photogravure) /Engraver, printing block (linoleum/ rubber/wood)/ Photo-engraver

Etcher (colour/ half tone/ photogravure/ metal engraving)/ Etcher, printing: metal plate/Etcher, printing: metal /roller/Intertype /operator/Linotyper/Maker, braille plate/Maker, photogravure: printing plate/Maker, screen/Operator, camera: printing/Phototypesetter, printing/Publisher, desk-top: print media/Stereotyper/ Stonehand, printing/Technician, electronic pre-press/Tuscher, lithographic/ Typographer

Operator, (ammonia print/ powder process)

Finisher/ Retoucher (negative/ printing plate/lithographic/ photogravure)/ Corrector (zinc)/ Transferrer (photomechanical)/ Artist, stipple (lithographic)/ Transferrer, (lithographic)/Plate (photo-engraving)

Grainer, photogravure (printing plates)/ Mounter, photogravure (printing)/Photographer, photogravure / Cameraman, xerography (offset printing)/ Proofer (photogravure)/ Photolithographer/ Pre-press technicians n.e.c

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Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2347