7318-Handicraft workers in textile, leather and related materials

Job Title: 

Handicraft workers in textile, leather and related materials

Job Description: 

Handicraft workers in textile, leather and related materials apply traditional techniques and patterns to produce woven fabrics, knitted, embroidered, woven and other garments and articles for household use, as well as traditional footwear, handbags, belts and other accessories


Tasks include

  • spinning and dyeing with natural dyestuffs, wool, cotton and other fibers
  • lace-making and weaving, knitting, or embroidering various garments and articles for household use
  • preparing and dyeing hides with natural dyestuffs and making traditional footwear or handbags, belts and other accessories
  • spinning and winding yarn by hand
  • drawing warp threads into loom by hand
  • weaving plain or figured cloth, tapestry, lace, carpet or other fabrics on hand looms
  • making carpets by using a knotting technique
  • knitting garments and other articles on hand-operated machine or by hand
  • crocheting or making braid by hand
  • making nets by hand
  • grading and classifying natural textile fibers
  • washing wool fibers
  • cleaning and fluffing textile fibers
  • forming fibers into sliver, combing them, combining sliver into sliver laps or forming sliver into rove.
Specific Occupations: 

Handicraft worker, hand (garments/garment knitting/textiles)/ Maker(button/ zipper slide-fastener)/Yarn dyer

Weaver, hand (cloth/ coir/ jacquard/lace/axminster)/ Maker, tapestry (hand)/ Drawer-in, (textile weaving)/ Tufter)(carpet weaving)

Foreman, weaving (carpet/ textile/ leather products/ bleaching/ wool sorting and grading)

Bleacher/blender/carder/comber/grader/opener/picker/preparer/rover/teaser/clearer /repairer,fibre (textiles)/ Degummer,hand/Drawer, , fiber(textile

Gasser(cotton/silk)/ Scourer(wool)/ Cutter(jute)/ Mixer, batch (jute)/ Selector, cotton

Spinner (mule/ring/ thread and yarn)/ threader, loom (hand)/ Knitter/ Steamer, garments (hand)/ Lapper(ribbon/fibre/sliver (textiles))/ Dyer, hand (garments/ yarn)

Maker(braid/ net (fishing/safety))/ Stripper(bobbin)/ Carpet-maker/Comber, fibre: textile/Crocheter/Grader, fibre: textile/Maker, artificial flower Maker, braid/Maker, carpet

Handicraft worker, hand (leather products)/(finisher/fitter/splicer) (leather products)/Maker(belt/ leather bag/ leather suitcase)/Carpets/garments/ knitting/ textile weaving.

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Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2345