7311-Precision-instrument makers and repairers

Job Title: 

Precision-instrument makers and repairers

Job Description: 

Precision-instrument makers and repairers make, calibrate, repair, maintain, adjust and install mechanical watches, clocks, nautical, meteorological, optical, orthopedic and other precision instruments and equipment and set them for correct performance.


Tasks include

  • repairing, cleaning, and adjusting mechanisms of timing instruments, such as watches and clocks
  • adjusting timing regulators, using calipers, watch-rate recorders, and tweezers. cleaning, rinsing, and drying timepiece parts, using solutions and ultrasonic or mechanical watch- cleaning machines
  • testing timepiece accuracy and performance, using meters and other electronic instruments
  • testing accuracy of meters, gauges, indicators, or other recording or controlling instruments to locate defective components and for conformance to standards
  • calibrating instruments or scales, using hand tools, computer, or electronic devices
  • inspecting components, connections, and drive mechanisms to detect defects
  • assembling instruments and devices, such as barometers, control valves, gyroscopes, hygrometers, speedometers, tachometers, and thermostats
  • testing, calibrating, and adjusting electronic, mercurial, aneroid, and other types of meteorological instruments for compliance with printed specifications and schematic diagrams, using voltmeters, oscilloscopes, tube testers, and other test instruments
  • (d) adjusting and repairing masts, supporting structures, clearance lights, control panels, control cabling and wiring, and other electrical and mechanical devices repairing and setting optical instruments such as microscopes, telescopes, theodolities, sextants
  • checking whether assembled units conform to specifications and ensuring stipulated performance and sensitivity by standard tests.
Specific Occupations: 

Fitter, precision instrument

Maker/repairer, instrument (mathematical/ scientific/educational/nautical/ precision/ optical/ meteorological/ barometer/ watch/balancer/ fountain pen)

Maker (orthopedic appliance/ brace (orthopedic)/ photographic equipment

Repairer/camera (orthopedic appliance/ dental instrument)/ photographic equipment (Surgical)

(Maker/repairer) instrument (surgical)

Adjuster, precision instrument, watch, balancer, scale/ Calibrator, precision instrument, Calibrator, weights and measures.

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Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2338