7223-Metal working machine tool setters and operators

Job Title: 

Metal working machine tool setters and operators

Job Description: 

Metal working machine tool setters and operators set and/or operate, various machine tools working to fine tolerances.


Tasks include

  • (a) setting one or more types of machine tool for production of metal articles in standardised series
  • operating and monitoring metalworking machines, such as lathes, milling, planning, boring, drilling, grinding or honing machines, including multi-purpose numerically controlled metalworking machines
  • performing similar tasks when machining plastics and other metal substitutes
  • observing machine operations to detect work piece defects or machine malfunctions, adjusting machines as necessary
  • inspecting work pieces for defects, and measuring work pieces to determine accuracy of machine operation, using rules, templates, or other measuring instruments
  • changing worn machine accessories, such as cutting tools and brushes, using hand tools.
Specific Occupations: 

Setter (capstan-lathe/ machine tool/ metalworking machine)

Setter-operator/ Machine tool operator (boring/ drilling/ cutting/ die-sinking) machine (metalworking)

Setter-operator/ Machine tool operator (extruding/ grinding/ honing/ lapping/ boiling/ punching/ spinning/ cutting/ wire production/ minting) machine (metalworking)

Setter-operator/ Machine tool operator (lathe/milling/engine-lathe/turret-lathe/ buffing/ armature production/ precision-grinding )( machine ,metalworking)

Setter-operator/ Machine tool operator (planing/ reaming/ routing/ shaping/ numerical control/ toy production/ sawing) machine (metalworking)

Borer/ driller (metal)

Spinner (metal)

Driller, metal/Foreman, machine shop/Foreman, machine tool operator/Former, metal (mechanical)/Header, bolt/Honer, cylinder/Lathe-operator, capstan/centre (metalworking)/ Machine ?operator{( moulding /jarring/jolting/ toy production (metal)/ hit (metal)/ minting (metal)/ milling (metal)/commutator production/machine tool/shearing (metal)/,tool production/ Internal grinding (metal working)/ armature production/ automatic transfer (components)/ automatic transfer (metalworking)/ bending (metal)/ boiler production/ boring (horizontal (metalworking))/ boring (jig)/ boring (metal)/ buffing (metal)/ burnishing (metal)/ cable production/ clock production/ core making (metal/tube)/ cutting (metal electric are)/ cutting (metal)/ drilling (horizontal (metalworking)/ drilling metal)/ engraving (metal)/etching (metal)/ flamecutting (metal)/ gear-cutting (metal working)/ grinding ((machine)-tool)/ grinding (external (metal working))/ grinding (metal)/ jewellery production/ lapping (nictal)/ lint (metal)/ liotting (metal)/ needle production /nut production (metal)/ pipe production/ planning (metal)/ precision grinding (metal)/ reaming (metal)/ rivet production/ riveting/ sawing (metal)/ screw-cutting (metal working)/ shaping (metal)/ sharpening (metal)/ spinning (metal)/ sports equipment (metal)/ watch production/ welding (metal)/ wire goods production/ wiring ,electric)}{ Machinist, CNC/Machinist, metal/ Operator, power-shear/ grinder (surface tools)/ lathe: centre (metal working)// machine: forming (metal)/machine: moulding (metal) / router (metal working)}/Press-operator, metal (except forging)/ punching (metal)/ stamping (metal)

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Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2332