7111-House builders

Job Title: 

House builders

Job Description: 

House builders erect, maintain and repair houses and similar small buildings using either traditional or modern techniques and materials.


Tasks include

  • preparing ground for erecting building or other structures
  • erecting structures to support roof, and building and covering walls with appropriate materials
  • fixing rafters to roof and covering with roofing material
  • leveling floor to make it smooth and serviceable
  • maintaining and repairing existing structures
  • arranging for specialized work such as bricklaying, painting, plumbing and electrical wiring to be done by subcontractors
  • coordinating and supervising the activities of subcontractors, labourers and other workers.
Specific Occupations: 

Builder, house (traditional materials)/ Erector, mud wall

Builder, house (non-traditional materials)

Erector /fixer prefabricated buildings

Repairer, building

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Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2309