6210-Forestry and related workers

Job Title: 

Forestry and related workers

Job Description: 

Forestry and related workers plan, organize and perform operations to cultivate, conserve and exploit natural and plantation forests.


Tasks include

  • assessing sites for reforestation, selecting seedlings and planting trees using manual planting tools and establishing and caring for forest stands
  • locating trees to be felled and estimating volume of timber
  • operating chainsaw and other power saws to thin young forest stands, trim, top and fell trees and saw them into logs
  • shaping rough wooden products from logs at felling site
  • stacking logs and loading them in chutes or floating them down rivers
  • keeping watch to detect forest fires, participating in firefighting operations, completing firefighting reports and maintaining firefighting equipment
  • controlling weeds and undergrowth in regenerating forest stands using manual tools and chemicals
  • operating and maintaining a skidder, bulldozer or other prime mover to pull a variety of scarification or site preparation equipment over areas to be regenerated
  • collecting seed cones, pruning trees, assisting in planting surveys and marking trees for subsequent operations
  • training and supervising other workers in forestry procedures, including forestry labourers and plant operators.
Specific Occupations: 

General manager (forestry) (market)

Assembler (raft)/ Maker (log-raft)/ Marker (tree/timber) (market)

Cross-cutter, (logging, sleeper, timber (forestry), pole and pile)/ Cutter(railway tie)/ Woodcutter, forest(market)

Driver (raft, logging)/ driver (river)/ Cruiser (timber)/ Operator (wood harvesting machine) (market)

Forester/ Woodman/ Planter (forestry)/ Rider (timber)/ Afforestation worker(market)

Logger/ Feller (logging)/ Scalar (log)/ Topper (logging)/ Bucker(logging/ Climber (high)/ Jogging(market)

Ranger/ Supervisor/ Patrolman (forest)/ Forest officer/ Conservator (forest)

(Fmoraerskterty) worker, skilled (charcoal burning/ wood distillation (traditional techniques)/ Burner, charcoal/Climber, high: logging/Climber, /logging/Cutter, pole and pile Cutter, wood: forest/Lumberjack/Pruner, forestry/Pruner, tree: forestryruner-trimmer, forestry/Stripper, cork bark/Trimmer, tree: forestry (market)

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Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2300