4323-Transport clerks

Job Title: 

Transport clerks

Job Description: 

Transport clerks keep records of operational aspects and coordinate the timing of train, road and air passenger and freight transport, and prepare reports for management.


Tasks include

  • keeping records of operational aspects and coordinating the timing of passenger and freight transport
  • directing train routings within a division or zone of a railway system and keeping related records
  • directing, controlling and keeping records of freight handling at a railway yard
  • coordinating and keeping records of operational activities concerning road transport, such as allocation and scheduling of vehicles and drivers, loading and unloading of vehicles and storage of goods in transit
  • coordinating and keeping records of operational activities concerning air transport of passengers and freight, such as passenger lists and freight manifests
  • preparing reports for management.
Specific Occupations: 

Transport clerks / Checker, bogey (railway)/Clerk, air transport operations/ forwarding (shipping and receiving)/Dispatcher, clerical (air transport/ boat/ gas/oil pipelines/ railway/ road transport)/ Shedman

Berthing master / Controller, clerical (airline traffic/ railway service/ road transport. service)/ Inspector/ Superintendent, clerical (road transport service)/ railway transport service/ traffic investigation

Examiner, train / Inspector, shed/ Yardman (railway)

Float master / Clerk, logistics

Clerk( dispatch: air transport/ flight operations freight: receiving/ freight: routing, freight: shipping/freight: traffic/ goods: railway

Controller, clerical( air transport service/ airline traffic/railway service/ train/ transport service)

Dispatcher clerical( aircraft/ boat/ bus/ gas pipelines/ oil pipelines/railway /train/ transport service/ truck)/Inspector, clerical( railway transport (service)/ road transport service)

Superintendent(clerical: barge/ cargo/ ferry/ quay/ water transport (terminal)/ wharf/ Yardmaster, railway)/ Wharfinger

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Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2243