4321-Stock clerks

Job Title: 

Stock clerks

Job Description: 

Stock clerks maintain records of goods produced and production materials received, weighed, issued, dispatched or put into stock.


Tasks include

  • arranging and controlling receipt and dispatch of goods and keeping relevant records
  • maintaining stock records, verifying issue of goods, estimating needs and making requisitions of new stocks
  • receiving, storing and issuing tools, spare parts, or various equipment and maintaining relevant records
  • weighing goods received, issued, produced, or dispatched and maintaining relevant records
  • compiling inventories of furniture and other items received for storage
Specific Occupations: 

Assistant, field (air cargo) / Clerk, freight (any type of freight)

Clerk /Arranger( store / stock-control (inventory /records)/ warehouse/ supply)

Issuer/ Lister( fuel / store/ tool/ material)

Clerk, weighing / Weigher/Clerk, depository: furniture/Clerk, dispatch: stock/Clerk, freight: dispatching/Clerk, freight: inward/Clerk, goods: inward/Clerk, receiving Clerk, scale/Clerk, storeroom/Clerk, tally/Clerk, weighbridge

Operator, weighbridge/ Attendant, tool crib

Store keeper

International Careers(ISCO): 
Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2241