4312-Statistical, finance and insurance clerks

Job Title: 

Statistical, finance and insurance clerks

Job Description: 

Statistical, finance and insurance clerks obtain, compile and compute statistical or actuarial data or perform clerical tasks relating to the transactions of insurance establishments, banks and other financial establishments.


Tasks include

  • processing insurance enrolments, cancellations, claims transactions, policy changes and payments
  • obtaining and compiling statistical or actuarial data based on routine or special sources of information
  • calculating totals, averages, percentages and other details and presenting them in the required tabular form
  • preparing financial documents, and calculating interest or brokerage charges and stamp duties payable
  • maintaining records of bonds, shares and other securities bought or sold on behalf of clients or employer.
Specific Occupations: 

Clerk, actuarial / adjustment/ finance/ tax / currency

Clerk, bond / brokerage/ collateral/ credit/mortgage/ investment/ securities/ Clerk, audit/Clerk, finance/Clerk, insurance

Clerk, statistical/rating

Observer, silt / Watcher, tide

Assistant, broker's/Assistant, insurance: adjustment/Assistant, insurance: claims Assistant, insurance: policy

International Careers(ISCO): 
Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2239