4132-Data entry clerks

Job Title: 

Data entry clerks

Job Description: 

Data entry clerks enter coded, statistical, financial and other numerical data into electronic equipment, computerized databases, spreadsheets or other data repositories using a keyboard, mouse, or optical scanner, speech recognition software or other data entry tools. They enter data into mechanical and electronic devices to perform mathematical calculations.


Tasks include

  • receiving and registering invoices, forms, records and other documents for data capture
  • entering numerical data, codes and text from source material into computer-compatible storage and processing devices
  • verifying accuracy and completeness of data and correcting entered data, if needed
  • operating bookkeeping and calculating machines
  • importing and exporting data between different database systems and software?s.
Specific Occupations: 

Clerk( data entry/punching machine (keys)/ electronic mail/ adding machine)

Clerk, data converter (any medium)/ Clerk, comptometer/Data entry/Punching machine (card & tape)/Operator, converter (tape to card)/Punched and sorting machine/tabulating machine

Operator/clerk( accounting machine/ bookkeeping machine/ calculating-machine/ computing machine)

Operator/clerk( automatic data-processing machine/ data input/payment entry)

Operator/clerk( posting machine/ invoicing machine/ Operator, comptometer)

Clerk, data entry (any machine)

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Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2225