3522-Telecommunications engineering technicians

Job Title: 

Telecommunications engineering technicians

Job Description: 

Telecommunications engineering technicians perform technical tasks connected with telecommunications engineering research, as well as with the design, manufacture, assembly, construction, operation, maintenance and repair of telecommunications systems.


Tasks include

  • providing technical assistance connected with research and the development of telecommunications equipment, or testing prototypes
  • studying technical material such as blue prints and sketches to determine the method of work to be adopted
  • preparing detailed estimates of quantities and costs of materials and labour required for the manufacture and installation of telecommunications equipment, according to the specifications given
  • providing technical supervision of the manufacture, utilization, maintenance and repair of telecommunications systems to ensure satisfactory performance and compliance with specifications and regulations
  • applying technical knowledge of telecommunications engineering principles and practices in order to identify and solve problems arising in the course of their work.
Specific Occupations: 

Supervisor (control room (radio/television)/control transmission (broadcasting))

Technician, control room (radio and television broadcasting)

Telecommunication-engineering technician (aerospace/other/radar/signal systems/radio/television/telegraph/telephone/other)

Officer( ship: radio/ morse code/ radio equipment: flight/ radio equipment: landbased/ radio equipment: sea-based) Operator( telecommunications: equipment/ telegraphic equipment)/telegrapher

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Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2221