3341-Office supervisors

Job Title: 

Office supervisors

Job Description: 

Office supervisors supervise and co-ordinate the activities of workers in major group 4, Clerical support workers.


Tasks include : coordinating, assigning and reviewing the work of clerks engaged in the following duties: word processing, record keeping and filing, operating telephones and switchboards

  • data entry, desktop publishing and other activities involving general office and administrative skills
  • establishing work schedules and procedures and co-coordinating activities with other work units or departments
  • resolving work-related problems and preparing and submitting progress and other reports
  • training and instructing employees in job duties, safety procedures and company policies, or arranging for training to be provided
  • evaluating employees? job performance and conformance to regulations, and recommending appropriate personnel action
  • assisting in recruitment, interviewing, and selection of employees.
  • Specific Occupations: 

    Supervisor, air transport service

    Supervisor, telecommunications services

    Supervisor/yardmaster, goods (railway)

    Supervisor, road transport service

    Officer, flight operation

    Officer, documentation/ Planner, call centre workforce/Planner, contact centre workforce/Planner, workforce: contact centre/

    Supervisor, postal services/ Supervisor, call centre/Supervisor, clerical/Supervisor, data entry/Supervisor, filing clerks/Supervisor, personnel clerks/Supervisor, / switchboard/ Supervisor, typist/Supervisor, word processing

    Supervisor, telegraph operators/telephone exchange/ Leader, team: call centre/Leader, team: contact centre /Manager, contact centre team/Supervisor, contact centre/ Administrator, office/Controller, typist/Coordinator, administration: office administration or management/Manager, call centre team/Manager, front office: hospital or school Manager, office

    Others office supervisor, n.e.c

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    Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2195