3256-Medical assistants

Job Title: 

Medical assistants

Job Description: 

Medical assistants perform basic clinical and administrative tasks to support patient care under the direct supervision of a medical practitioner or other health professional.


Tasks include

  • (a) interviewing patients and their families to obtain information on their health status and medical history
  • assisting medical doctors and other health professionals to examine and treat patients, including measuring and recording vital signs, administering medications, and performing routine clinical procedures such as giving injections and removing sutures getting patients ready for examination and treatment, including explaining procedures and showing them to examination rooms
  • preparing and handling medical instruments and supplies, including sterilizing instruments and disposing of contaminated supplies in accordance with safety procedures
  • collecting blood, tissue or other specimens, and preparing them for laboratory testing
  • providing information to patients and families on health care topics including medications prescribed by a medical doctor or other health professional
  • providing prescription and drug refill information to pharmacies
  • maintaining cleanliness of patient waiting and examination rooms
  • recording information on patients' medical history, diagnostic testing and treatment procedures and results, and other information in medical records-keeping systems
  • scheduling appointments with patients, and preparing documentation required for billing, reporting and Insurance purposes.
Specific Occupations: 

Assistant (health/medical/occupational therapy)


Superintendent (vaccination/ sanitary)

Assistant, clinical: helping doctor/Assistant, doctor's/Assistant, medical: helping

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Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2177