3251-Dental assistants and therapists

Job Title: 

Dental assistants and therapists

Job Description: 

Dental assistants and therapists provide basic dental care services for the prevention and treatment of diseases and disorders of the teeth and mouth, as per care plans and procedures established by a dentist or other oral health professional.


Tasks include:

  • advising communities and individuals on dental hygiene, diet and other preventive measures to reduce potential risks to oral health
  • conducting visual and physical examinations of patients' mouths, teeth and related structures to assess oral health status
  • identifying cases of patients with poor oral health or oral disease requiring referral to a dentist or other health professional assisting dentists during complex dental procedures providing fluoride treatments, cleaning and removing deposits from teeth, preparing cavities and placing fillings, administering local anesthesia, and performing other types of basic or routine clinical dental procedures
  • (f). preparing, cleaning and sterilizing dental instruments, equipment and materials used in the examination and treatment of patients
  • getting patients ready for examination or treatment including explaining procedures and correct positioning
  • taking impressions of the mouth and dental radiographs to support diagnosis and fitting of dental prosthetics.
  • Specific Occupations: 

    Assistant/ auxiliary/ technician/ hygienist (dental/ oral)

    Prophylactician/dentist (unregistered)

    Assistant, dental: school service

    Hygienist, dental/Hygienist, oral

    Therapist, dental

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    Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2172