3240-Veterinary technicians and assistants

Job Title: 

Veterinary technicians and assistants

Job Description: 

Veterinary technicians and assistants carry out advisory, diagnostic, preventive and curative veterinary tasks, more limited in scope and complexity than those carried out by, and with the guidance of, veterinarians. They care for animals under treatment and in temporary residence at veterinary facilities, perform routine procedures and assist veterinarians to perform procedures and operations.


Tasks include

  • advising communities and individuals on the treatment of animals and their diseases and injuries
  • conducting examinations of animals to make diagnoses or refer more difficult cases to veterinarians when needed
  • treating ill or injured animals, especially for common diseases and disorders
  • cleaning and sterilizing examination tables and instruments and preparing materials used in the examination and treatment of animals
  • carrying out technical tasks connected with artificial insemination of animals
  • getting animals ready for examination or treatment and restraining or holding them during treatment
  • assisting veterinarians to administer an aesthetics and oxygen during treatment
  • placing animals in cages for recovery from operations and monitoring their condition
  • producing radiographs, collecting samples, and performing other laboratory tests to assist in diagnosis of animal health problems
  • performing routine animal dental procedures and assisting veterinarians with animal dentistry.
Specific Occupations: 

Assistant (livestock/veterinary)

Assistant veterinary (research/ artificial insemination)

Vaccinator (veterinary/poultry)

(compounder/dresser) veterinary

(inseminator/technician) artificial insemination

Nurse, veterinary

Technician, veterinary

International Careers(ISCO): 
Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2171