3221-Nursing associate professionals

Job Title: 

Nursing associate professionals

Job Description: 

Nursing associate professionals provide basic nursing and personal care for people in need of such care due to effects of ageing, illness, injury, or other physical or mental impairment. They generally work under the supervision of, and in support of implementation of health care, treatment and referrals plans established by, medical, nursing and other health professionals.


Tasks include:

  • providing nursing and personal care and treatment and health advice to patients as per care plans established by health professionals
  • administering medications and other treatments to patients, monitoring patients' condition and responses to treatment, and referring patients and their families to a health professional for specialized care as needed
  • cleaning wounds and applying surgical dressings
  • updating information on patients' condition and treatments received in records-keeping systems
  • assisting in planning and managing the care of individual patients
  • assisting in giving first-aid treatment in emergencies.
  • Specific Occupations: 

    (Officer, principal nursing/Sister, nursing) associate professional

    Nurse (associate professional), any specialism

    (Dresser/ward boy) hospital

    Attendant, mental hospital

    Nurse, assistant/Nurse, enrolled/Nurse, practical

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    Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2168