3135-Metal production process controllers

Job Title: 

Metal production process controllers

Job Description: 

Metal production process controllers operate and monitor multi-function process control machinery and equipment to control the processing of metal converting and refining furnaces, metal-rolling mills, metal heat-treating, or metal-extrusion plant.


Tasks include

  • coordinating and monitoring the operation of a particular aspect of metal processing production through control panels, computer terminals or other control systems, usually from a central control room
  • operating multi-function central process control machinery to grind, separate, filter, melt, roast, treat, refine or otherwise process metals
  • observing computer printouts, video monitors and gauges to verify specified processing conditions and to make necessary adjustments
  • coordinating and supervising production crew such as machine and process operators, assistants and helpers
  • starting up and shutting down the production system in cases of emergency or as required by schedule
  • providing and organizing training for members of production crew
  • maintaining shift log of production and other data and preparing production and other reports.
Specific Occupations: 

Blast furnace operator

Central control caster

Metal processing control operator

Rolling mill control operator

Operator( control-panel: blast furnace/ control-panel: metal production control-panel: smelting/ furnace: converting (non-ferrous metal)/ furnace: converting (steel)/ furnace: melting (metal) / furnace: metal smelting (blast furnace)/ furnace: refining (non-ferrous metal))/Operator, furnace: refining (steel)/Operator, furnace: smelting (metal) /Operator, furnace: steel refining (electric-arc furnace)/Operator, furnace: steel refining (open-hearth furnace)/Operator, pot room: aluminum/Operator, pot: aluminum/Operator, pot line: aluminum/Operator, smelter

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Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2154