3134-Petroleum and natural gas refining plant operators

Job Title: 

Petroleum and natural gas refining plant operators

Job Description: 

Petroleum and natural gas refining plant operators operate and monitor plants and adjust and maintain processing units and equipment which refine, distil and treat petroleum, petroleum-based products and by-products, or natural gas.


Tasks include:

  • (a) operating electronic or computerized control panel from a central control room to monitor and optimize physical and chemical processes for several processing units
  • adjusting equipment, valves, pumps, controls and process equipment
  • controlling process start-up and shut-down, troubleshooting and monitoring outside process equipment
  • verifying equipment for malfunctions, testing well pipes for leaks and fractures and arranging for maintenance
  • (e) analyzing sample products, performing tests, recording data and writing production logs.
  • Specific Occupations: 

    Blender (lead/ oil (petroleum refining))/ (Burner/ Fireman (petroleum refining))/ (Pumper/ Treater (assistant), petroleum refining)

    Foreman (natural gas plant/tower/treating and pumping) (petroleum refining)


    Operator (blender/compounder/ pumping-station/control-panel/distiller/ desulphurisation/ refinery/still-pump) (petroleum and natural gas refining/ blender: petroleum and natural gas refining/ control-panel: coal gas production/control-panel: petroleum and natural gas refinery/ evaporator: petroleum and natural gas/ gas plant/ petroleum process/ pumping-station: petroleum and natural gas/ refinery: petroleum and natural gas/ still: petroleum and natural gas refining/ still-pump: petroleum and natural gas refining/ treater: desulphurisation (petroleum and natural gas refining)/ treater: petroleum and natural gas refining/ treating equipment: crude oil)/Technician, process control: coal gas production/Technician, refinery process

    Pumper (petroleum refining)/ (dispatcher/gasman) natural gas

    Leak man/operator/pressman (paraffin plant)

    Source Of Info: 

    Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2153