3115-Mechanical engineering technicians

Job Title: 

Mechanical engineering technicians

Job Description: 

Mechanical engineering technicians perform technical tasks to aid in mechanical engineering research, and in the design, manufacture, assembly, construction, operation, maintenance and repair of machines, components and mechanical equipment.


Tasks include

  • providing technical assistance in research on and development of machines and mechanical installations, facilities and components, or testing prototypes
  • designing and preparing layouts of machines and mechanical installations, facilities and components according to the specifications given
  • preparing detailed estimates of quantities and costs of materials and labour required for manufacture and installation according to the specifications given
  • monitoring technical aspects of manufacture, utilization, maintenance and repair of machines and mechanical installations, facilities and components to ensure satisfactory performance and compliance with specifications and regulations
  • (e). developing and monitoring the implementation of safety standards and procedures for marine serve work in relation to ships' hulls, equipment and cargoes
  • assembling and installing new and modified mechanical assemblies, components, machine tools and controls, and hydraulic power systems
  • conducting tests of mechanical systems, collecting and analyzing data, and assembling and installing mechanical assemblies in support of mechanical engineers
  • ( h) ensuring that mechanical engineering designs and finished work are within specifications, regulations and contract provisions.
Specific Occupations: 

Estimator, engineering (mechanical)

Mechanical-engineering technician (air-conditioning/ heating /ventilation /refrigeration/ internal combustion/(any specialism))

Mechanical-engineering technician ( automotive/ diesel/ gas turbine/ instruments/ jet engine/ lubrication/ motor/ locomotive engineering / other

sMpeeccihaalnisimca)l -engineering technician ( industrial machinery and tools/ agriculture)

Technician( laboratory (mechanical) / quality control (mechanical)/ engineering (any specialism)

Surveyor, marine/ Supervisor, dry dock/ Dock master, dry/graving dock

Inspector (rail road car/ quality (mechanical products)

Technician, engineering: internal combustion/ marine mechatronics/ naval/ nuclear power/ ship (construction))/Technician, mechatronics: engineering

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Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2142