2432-Public relations professionals

Job Title: 

Public relations professionals

Job Description: 

Public relations professionals plan, develop, implement and evaluate information and communication strategies that create an understanding and a favourable view of businesses and other organizations, their goods and services, and their role in the community.


Tasks include

  • planning and organizing publicity campaigns and communication strategies
  • advising executives on the public relations implications of their policies, programs and practices preparing and controlling the issue of news and press releases
  • undertaking and commissioning public opinion research, analyzing the findings and planning public relations and promotional campaigns
  • organizing special events, seminars, entertainment, competitions and social functions to promote goodwill and favourable publicity
  • representing organizations and arranging interviews with publicity media
  • attending business, social and other functions to promote the organization
  • commissioning and obtaining photographs and other illustrative material
  • selecting, appraising and revising material submitted by publicity writers, photographers, illustrators and others to create favourable publicity.
Specific Occupations: 

Agent, publicity

Officer, press liaison

Officer, public information/ relations

Copywriter, publicity/Engineer, organization and method

Analyst, communications: except computers/Consultant, communications/ Consultant, public relations/Executive, account: public relations/Lobbyist/ Manager, account: public relations/Officer, public information/Publicist/ Secretary, press/Writer, copy: public relations/Writer, copy: publicity/Writer, publicity

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Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2105