2412-Financial and investment advisers

Job Title: 

Financial and investment advisers

Job Description: 

Financial and investment advisers develop financial plans for individuals and organizations, and invest and manage funds on their behalf.


building and maintaining a client base

  • interviewing clients to determine financial status and objectives, risk tolerance and other information needed to develop financial plans and investment strategies
  • setting financial objectives, and developing and implementing strategies for achieving the financial objectives
  • arranging to buy and sell stocks and bonds for clients
  • monitoring investment performance, and reviewing and revising investment plans based on modified needs and changes in markets
  • (f) recommending and arranging insurance cover for clients.
  • Specific Occupations: 

    Financial advisor

    Investment advisor

    Estate planner

    Financial planner

    Adviser, superannuation/Adviser, wealth management/Consultant, financial/Consultant, financial advice/Consultant, investment: advising clients/Consultant, property: investment/Consultant, superannuation: providing advice/Para planner, financial

    Adviser, debt/Adviser, pensions/Consultant, pensions

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    Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2098