2351-Education methods specialists

Job Title: 

Education methods specialists

Job Description: 

Education methods specialists conduct research and develop or advise on teaching methods, courses and aids. They review and examine teachers' work, the functioning of educational institutions and the results achieved and recommend changes and improvements.


Tasks include

  • (a) researching into current developments in curricula, teaching methods and other educational practices, and advising on necessary changes and possible improvements
  • evaluating and advising on contents of courses and methods of examination
  • researching into audio-visual and other teaching aids and advising on, planning and organizing their introduction in educational establishments
  • documenting subjects and courses developed, and evaluating new courses
  • providing ongoing professional development, training and consultative services to teachers
  • organizing and conducting workshops and conferences to train teachers in new programs and methods
  • developing the structure, content and objectives of new educational courses and programs
  • visiting schools periodically and conferring with administrative and teaching staff on questions relating to curricula, teaching methods, equipment and other matters
  • visiting classrooms to observe teaching techniques and to evaluate teachers performance, and scholastic results obtained
  • preparing reports and making recommendations to educational authorities concerning possible changes and improvements in curricula, teaching methods, and other matters.
Specific Occupations: 

Adviser, education (professional)

Adviser, teaching methods (professional)

Developer, curricula

Specialist, audio-visual and other teaching aids

Inspector, school

Inspector, special institutions

Adviser, education/Adviser, education: methods/Consultant, education/ Coordinator, curriculum/Developer, curriculum/Specialist, education: methods/Specialist, visual: teaching aids

Adviser, academic

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Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2090