1420-Retail and wholesale trade managers

Job Title: 

Retail and wholesale trade managers

Job Description: 

Retail and wholesale trade managers, plan, organize, co-ordinate and control the operations of establishments that sell goods on a retail or wholesale basis. They are responsible for the budgets, staffing and strategic and operational direction of shops, or of organizational units within shops that sell particular types of product.


Tasks include

  • determining product mix, stock levels and service standards
  • formulating and implementing purchasing and marketing policies, and setting prices
  • promoting and advertising the establishment?s goods and services
  • maintaining records of stock levels and financial transactions
  • undertaking budgeting for the establishment
  • controlling selection, training and supervision of staff
  • ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.
Specific Occupations: 

General-manager / Department-manager/Manager production and operations/ Merchant (retail trade)

General-manager / Department -manager, production and operations (wholesale trade)/ Manager, wholesale trade

Wholesaler/ Shopkeeper / Merchant / Proprietor (wholesale)/Management/ supervisor

Manager( chain-store/ discount-store/ supermarket/ department: supermarket/ department store)

Manager( department: shop/ general: self-service store/ general shop/ grocery/, selfservice store/ store: retail

Dealer, car: managing and supervising staff

Manager, mail-order store/ Director, franchise/Manager, charity shop/Manager, garden centre /Manager, station, service

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Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2043