1324-Supply, distribution and related managers

Job Title: 

Supply, distribution and related managers

Job Description: 

Supply, distribution and related managers plan, direct and coordinate the supply, transportation, storage and distribution of goods.


Tasks include

  • determining, implementing and monitoring purchasing, storage and distribution strategies, policies and plans
  • preparing and implementing plans to maintain required stock levels at minimum cost
  • negotiating contracts with suppliers to meet quality, cost and delivery requirements
  • monitoring and reviewing storage and inventory systems to meet supply requirements and control stock levels
  • operating recording systems to track all movements of goods, and ensuring re-ordering and re-stocking at optimal times
  • liaising with other departments and customers concerning requirements for outward goods and associated forwarding transportation
  • overseeing the recording of purchase, storage and distribution transactions
  • establishing and managing budgets, controlling expenditure and ensuring the efficient use of resources
  • establishing and directing operational and administrative procedures
  • planning and directing daily operations
  • overseeing the selection, training and performance of staff.
Specific Occupations: 

General-manager / Department-manager, production and operations (transport), Manager, warehousing company

Branch-manager, road transport/ transport operations department/ Officer (chief), traffic/ transportation

Manager (assistant)/ Superintendent (deputy), (airport)/ Superintendent, maintenance (air transport)

Station master, railway / Inspector, commercial (railways)

Manager, freight traffic department/ Manager, harbor/dock/wharf department/ Superintendent, stevedoring

General-manager / Department -manager, production and operations (storage)/ warehouse/ stores

Department -manager,

International Careers(ISCO): 
Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2032