1112-Senior government officials

Job Title: 

Senior government officials

Job Description: 

Senior government officials advise governments on policy matters, oversee the interpretation and implementation of government policies and legislation by government departments and agencies, represent their country abroad and act on its behalf, or carry out similar tasks in intergovernmental organizations. They plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the overall activities of municipal or local, regional and national government departments, boards, agencies or commissions in accordance with legislation and policies established by government and legislative bodies.


Tasks include

  • advising national, state, regional or local governments and legislators on policy matters
  • Advising on the preparation of government budgets, laws and regulations, including amendments
  • establishing objectives for government departments or agencies in accordance with government legislation and policy
  • formulating or approving and evaluating programs and procedures for the implementation of government policies in conjunction or consultation with government: recommending, reviewing, evaluating and approving documents, briefs and reports submitted by middle managers and senior staff members
  • ensuring appropriate systems and procedures are developed and implemented to provide budgetary control
  • coordinating activities with other senior government managers and officials
  • making presentations to legislative and other government committees regarding policies programs or budgets
  • overseeing the interpretation and implementation of government policies and legislation by government departments and agencies.
Specific Occupations: 

Senior government officials in Audit & Accounts, Services, Insurance & Financial Banking Director-general/ Director (deputy/assistant)/Governor (deputy) State Bank/ Inspector/Accountant, general (government official)/Comptroller / Collector of (Deputy/assistant) customs/Officer, accounts/ Officer, budget / Officer, credit control/Officer, excise & taxation / Officer, income tax/Officer, land requisition/ Officer, pay(roll)/ Officer, revenue/ Officer, wealth tax/Postmaster

Senior government officials in Police Services Director-general (asstt.)/ Director (deputy/assistant)/Inspector -general, (asstt) police/ Superintendent, police (additional/deputy)/ Superintendent, jail/ Commandant/Commissioner, police/ Constable, chief: police,Officer,civil defence, Officer intelligence Police.

Senior government officials in Secretariat & Managing Services Director-general, Secretariat & Managing Services (asstt.)/ Director (deputy/assistant)/ Secretariat & Managing Services, Inspector Secretariat & Managing Services/ Secretary(additional/deputy/joint) (government official)/ Coordinator, Haj/Officer (assistant), protocol/ Officer, administrative/Officer, estate / Officer, organization and methods/Officer, protocol / Officer, section/ Officer, passport/Officer, saving (divisional)/ Officer, tourist/ PS to minister/ Chief secretary/ Home secretary/Secretary Government official.

Senior government officials in Educational Services Director-general/Director (deputy/assistant)/Inspector /Adviser (joint), educational (government official)/Scholar, research (government official)/Instructor, chief (government official)/Officer, apprenticeship Officer

Senior government officials in Foreign Services Coordinator, general (foreign services)/Director-general (asstt)/ Director (deputy/assistant), /Inspector/Ambassador / Secretary (

Senior government officials in Medical Services Director-general (asstt)/ Director (deputy/assistant)/Inspector-/Controller, (deputy) drugs /Officer, anti-malaria/ Officer, food (scientific)/ Officer, public health

Senior government officials in Research, Monitoring & Evaluation Services Director-general (asstt)/ Director (deputy/assistant)/Inspector/Commissioner (deputy), agriculture/ Commissioner, cotton/Chief (assistant/deputy) (government official)/Officer, data control / Officer, research/ Surveyor (deputy/assistant), general/Adviser, economic (government official)

Senior government officials in Engineering & Other Service Director-general (asstt)/ Director (deputy/assistant)/Inspector/Adviser (chief/ deputy), engineering (government official)/Controller, rationing/ Officer, water logging/ Officer, sector (agriculture)/Inspector, boilers/ Inspector, explosives/ Inspector, boundary/Inspector, railways / Consul-general/Director-general, intergovernmental organization/Head, chancery/Head, government department/Head, permanent: government department/ Paymaster-general,

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Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2016