0110-Commissioned armed forces officers

Job Title: 

Commissioned armed forces officers

Job Description: 

Commissioned armed forces officers provide leadership and management to organizational units in the armed forces and/or perform similar tasks to those performed in a variety of civilian occupations outside the armed forces. This group includes all members of the armed forces holding the rank of second lieutenant (or equivalent) or higher.

Specific Occupations: 

Admiral/Brigadier, army/Cadet, officer: armed forces/Captain, air force/Captain, army Captain, group: air force/Captain, navy/Colonel, army/Commander, navy/Commander, wing: air force/Commissioned officers (all forces)/ Commodore, air/Commodore, navy/General, army/Leader, squadron: air force/Lieutenant colonel, army/Lieutenant commander, navy/Lieutenant general, army/Lieutenant, army/Lieutenant, flight: air force/Lieutenant, navy/Lieutenant, second: army/Major general, army/Major, army/Marshal, air/Marshal, air chief/Marshal, / field/Midshipman/Officer, air force/Officer, army/Officer, cadet: armed forces/Officer, flying: military/Officer, naval: military/Officer, pilot: air force/Officer, senior: defence forces/Soldier: / captain/Sublieutenant, navy/Vice-admiral/Vice-marshal, air

International Careers(ISCO): 
Source Of Info: 

Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, PSCO-2448