Front Office Executive

Guest Relation

Office Assistant


Telephone operator



Minimum 10th pass

Freshers or up to 2 years of relevant work experience

The tasks that a Receptionist (Hotel) is expected to perform include:

Receiving phone calls, messages, mails, dak, etc.

Attending to customer?s enquiries

Assigning rooms after consulting register for availability of room and looking after requirement of patrons

Settling terms and allotting required accommodation if available to customers

Requesting customers to fill and sign register to establish identity, time of arrival and expected departure

Maintaining hotel 'Board' up-to-date showing name of occupants, etc.

Maintaining hotel record up-to-date showing total number of rooms already occupied, rooms booked or reserved to show correct position of accommodation

Giving information to House Keepers, dining section and kitchen departments regarding arrival of new-customers and their requirements

Supplying details of services rendered to customers to concerned departments for preparation of bill

Presenting the bill to customers and collecting receivables

Knowledge of Microsoft Office suite

Familiarity with database server

Ability to troubleshoot while ensuring customer requirements are met

Ability to ensure standards of services are met by team members

Equipped to provide necessary supply to customers

Efficiency and excellent organisational skills

Knowledge of nearest tourist destinations

Knowledge of various tours and cab agencies

Ability to make people feel at ease

Not applicable

Work independently

Problem solving ability

Good interpersonal skills

Excellent communication skills

Good listening skills

Calm and patient composure

It is a desk job

Need not handle a team

Local travelling is not part of job

Part-time work and contractual jobs are available in some cities

Work from home option is not available

Working hours

Hotels usually work for 6/7 days a week and 10/12 hours everyday. This may vary from hotel to hotel

Shift system is available

Is the job suitable for a candidate with special needs?This job is suitable for candidates with One Leg (OL), Both Leg (BL), Blind (B) and Low Vision (LV)

This job is not considered to be hazardous or dangerous under The Factories Act, 1948 (section 87)

Occupational hazards include strained vision, headache, upper limb musculoskeletal injuries, stress, etc.

For fresher - INR 9,000 to INR 15,000 per month

For candidates with 1/2 yearsof experience - INR 12,000 to INR 18,000 per month

(These figures are indicative and subject to change)

Indian Tourism and Hospitality Industry

The contribution of the entire travel and tourism sector in India to Gross Domestic Product is estimated to rise from 8.6% (USD 117.9 billion) in 2010 to 9.0% (USD 330.1 billion) by 2020. Between 2010 and 2019 the demand for travel and tourism in India is expected to grow annually by 8.2%, which will place India at the third position in world.

Hotel Industry in India has witnessed tremendous boom in recent years. Hotel Industry is inextricably linked to the tourism industry and the growth in the Indian tourism industry has fuelled the growth of Indian hotel industry. The arrival of low cost airlines and the associated price wars have given domestic tourists a host of options. The 'Incredible India' destination campaign and the recently launched 'Atithi Devo Bhavah' (ADB) campaign have also helped in the growth of domestic and international tourism and consequently the hotel industry.

According to a report, Hotel Industry in India currently has supply of 110,000 rooms and there is a shortage of 150,000 rooms fuelling hotel room rates across India. According to estimates demand is going to exceed supply by at least 100% over the next 2 years. Five-star hotels in metro cities allot same room, more than once a day to different guests, receiving almost 24-hour rates from both guests against 6-8 hours usage. With demand-supply disparity, hotel rates in India are likely to rise by 25% annually and occupancy by 80%, over the next two years. This will affect the competitiveness of India as a cost-effective tourist destination.

The hotels subsector currently employs approximate 1.9 million employees, which is expected to reach to 2.3 million employees by 2022.

Hotels and, restaurants across India

Mid-sized companies, consultancies and agencies across India

Cities across India

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Asia Pacific Institute of Hotel Management APIHMCogent College of Advance studies

Hotel & Catering Management Institute

Imperial Institute of Hotel Management

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