6340-Subsistence fishers, hunters, trappers and gatherers

Job Title ( International classification ): 
Subsistence fishers, hunters, trappers and gatherers
ISCO Code: 
Job Description: 
Subsistence fishers, hunters, trappers and gatherers gather wild fruits, medicinal and other plants, hunt and trap animals, catch fish and gather various forms of aquatic life in order to provide food, shelter and a minimum of cash income for themselves and their households.

Main Tasks include -

  • Task include - (a) gathering wild fruits, roots, medicinal and other plants
  • (b) hunting or trapping animals mainly to obtain meat, milk, hair, skin or other products
  • (c) fetching water and gathering firewood
  • (d) catching fish and gathering other forms of aquatic life
  • (e) storing or carrying out some processing of their produce
  • (f) building and maintaining houses and other shelters
  • (g) making tools, clothes and utensils for use by the household
  • (h) selling some products at local markets.

- Hunter-gatherer
- Subsistence collector


Some related occupations classified elsewhere:
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- Subsistence livestock farmer ? 6320
- Livestock farm labourer ? 9212
- Water and firewood collector ? 9624