4229-Client information workers not elsewhere classified

Job Title ( International classification ): 
Client information workers not elsewhere classified
ISCO Code: 
Job Description: 
This unit group includes client information workers not included elsewhere in minor group 422, Client information workers. For instance, it includes workers who obtain and process information from clients needed to determine eligibility for services.

Main Tasks include -

  • (a) interviewing patients to obtain and process information required to provide hospital services
  • (b) interviewing applicants for public assistance to gather information pertinent to their application
  • (c) verifying the accuracy of information provided
  • (d) initiating procedures to grant, modify, deny or terminate assistance
  • (e) providing information and answering questions concerning benefits and claims procedures
  • (f) referring patient or applicant to other organizations if they are ineligible for services.

Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Hospital admissions clerk
- Eligibility interviewer
- Eligibility specialist

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