322-Nursing and midwifery associate professionals

Job Title ( International classification ): 
Nursing and midwifery associate professionals
ISCO Code: 
Job Description: 
Nursing and midwifery associate professionals provide basic nursing and personal care for people who are physically or mentally ill, disabled or infirm, and others in need of care due to potential risks to health including before, during and after childbirth. They generally work under the supervision of, and in support of implementation of health care, treatment and referrals plans established by, medical, nursing, midwifery and other health professionals.

Main Tasks include -

  • providing nursing and personal care, treatment and advice to patients as per care plans as established by health professionals
  • assisting professional nurses, midwives and medical doctors in administering mediciation and treatments
  • cleaning wounds and applying surgical dressings
  • providing advice to individuals, families and communities on topics related to health, contraception, pregnancy and childbirth
  • assessing progress during pregnancy and childbirth, providing or assisting in delivery care, and recognizing signs and symptoms requiring referral to a health professional
  • providing care and support to women and newborns following childbirth.

Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:

3221 Nursing associate professionals
3222 Midwifery associate professionals