2422-Policy administration professionals

Job Title ( International classification ): 
Policy administration professionals
ISCO Code: 
Job Description: 
Policy administration professionals develop and analyze policies guiding the design, implementation and modification of government and commercial operations and programs.

Main Tasks include -

  • (a) liaising and consulting with program administrators and other interested parties to identify policy needs
  • (b) reviewing existing policies and legislation to identify anomalies and out-of-date provisions
  • (c) researching social, economic and industrial trends, and client expectations of programs and services provided
  • (d) formulating and analyzing policy options, preparing briefing papers and recommendations for policy changes, and advising on preferred options
  • (e) assessing impacts, financial implications, interactions with other programs and political and administrative feasibility of policies
  • (f) conducting threat and risk assessments and developing responses
  • (g) reviewing operations and programs to ensure consistency with policies of the organization.

Examples of the occupations classified here:
- Policy analyst
- Intelligence officer

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