214-Engineering professionals (excluding electrotechnology)

Job Title ( International classification ): 
Engineering professionals (excluding electrotechnology)
ISCO Code: 
Job Description: 
Engineering professionals (excluding electrotechnology) design, plan and organize the testing, construction, installation and maintenance of structures, machines and their components, and production systems and plants, and plan production schedules and work procedures to ensure engineering projects are undertaken safely, efficiently and in a cost effective manner.

Main Tasks include -

  • planning and designing chemical process systems, civil engineering projects, mechanical equipment and systems, mining and drilling operations, and other engineering projects
  • specifying and interpreting drawings and plans, and determining construction methods
  • supervising the construction of structures, water and gas supply and transportation systems, and the manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of equipment, machines and plant
  • organising and managing project labour and the delivery of materials, plant and equipment
  • estimating total costs and preparing detailed cost plans and estimates as tools for budgetary control
  • resolving design and operational problems in the various fields of engineering through the application of engineering technology.

Occupations in this minor group are classified into the following unit groups:

2141 Industrial and production engineers
2142 Civil engineers
2143 Environmental engineers
2144 Mechanical engineers
2145 Chemical engineers
2146 Mining engineers, meta