Job Title ( International classification ): 
ISCO Code: 
Job Description: 
Professionals increase the existing stock of knowledge, apply scientific or artistic concepts and theories, teach about the foregoing in a systematic manner, or engage in any combination of these activities. Competent performance in most occupations in this major group requires skills at the fourth ISCO skill level.

Main Tasks include -

  • conducting analysis and research, and developing concepts, theories and operational methods, and advising on or applying existing knowledge related to physical sciences including mathematics, engineering and technology, and to life sciences including the medical and health services, as well as to social sciences and humanities
  • teaching the theory and practice of one or more disciplines at different educational levels
  • teaching and educating handicapped persons
  • providing various business, legal and social services
  • creating and performing works of art
  • providing spiritual guidance
  • preparing scientific papers and reports. Supervision of other workers may be included.

Occupations in this major group are classified into the following sub-major groups:

21 Science and engineering professionals
22 Health professionals
23 Teaching professionals
24 Business and administration professionals
25 Information and communications