Linguistics is the scientific study of language to analyse its form, meaning and context by observing the interplay of sounds and abstract noises in human communication. It includes Phonetics, Semantics, Grammar etc. Studying linguistics will require students to delve into the origin and evolution of language, the sociology and psychology of communication, and comparison between different modern languages. All this makes linguistics a multidisciplinary subject.

Undergraduate courses are typically three or four years depending on the country of study, and may be undertaken as Bachelor of Arts(BA) or even as Bachelor of Science (BSc). Postgraduate degrees include both Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science (MSc). Advanced degrees include MPhil and PhD in specific areas of specialization.

Top Colleges 
Rank College/University Website Country
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States
2 University of Massachusetts Amherst United States
3 University of Maryland , College Park United States
4 University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
5 Harvard University United States
6 University of Cambridge United Kingdom
7 University of California,Berkeley United States
8 Standford University United States
9 University of Oxford United Kingdom
10 University of California,Los Angeles United States

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