For people who have the ability to stay calm, think under pressure and enjoy interacting with others, hospitality and leisure management is the way to go. Careers in this field include travel and tourism, hospitality management, event management, sports and leisure sectors etc.

Depending on the country, undergraduate courses in this field are either three or four years long, with a further one or two years for post graduation.

Top Colleges 
Rank College/University Country
1 Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne < href='' > Switzerland
2 University of Nevada - Las Vegas < href='' > United States
3 Les Roches Global Hospitality Education < href='' > Switzerland
4 Glion Institute of Higher Education < href='' > Switzerland
5 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University < href='' > Hong Kong
6 Hotel School The Hague < href='' > Netherlands
7 Swiss Hotel Management School < href='' > Switzerland
8 University of Surrey < href='' > United Kingdom
9 Oxford Brookes University < href='' > United Kingdom
10 Bournemouth University < href='' > United Kingdom

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