Anthropology is the scientific study of humans, their evolution, culture and society. It is an interdisciplinary field with aspects of humanities, natural sciences and social sciences.

Bachelor degree in anthropology are most often Bachelor of Science (BSc) followed by a master's degree Master of Science(MSc). A Phd can be undertaken subsequently.

Top Colleges 
Rank College/University Country
1 University of Oxford < href='' > United Kingdom
2 University of Cambridge < href='' > United Kingdom
3 Harvard University < href='' > United States
4 University of California, Berkeley < href='' > United States
5 UCL < href='' > United Kingdom
6 University of Michigan < href='' > United States
7 The Australian National University < href='' > Australia
8 University of Chicago < href='' > United States
9 The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) < href='' > United Kingdom
10 Columbia University < href='' > United States

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