Gone are the days when people spent their entire working life in one job, or organization. The norm is shifting towards professionals aligning their careers with their interests and abilities . In addition, a growing number of people want to constantly re-skill, and change their job roles frequently to pursue this. Only when your job role makes optimal use of your strengths and interests can you be truly happy and productive with your work. This requires putting a lot of thought into your career decision making as we have to have a protean outlook (need to constantly see in the future).Hence the need for guidance and mentoring among working professionals is enormous and urgent.

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Career test for working professionals
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Career Guidance for Working Professionals

Career Energize is suitable for working professionals looking to fast track in their existing careers or looking for suggestions for alternatives. The assessment also helps in deciding on skilling decisions. It profiles an individual on the basis of the self-assessment of Interests, Work styles, Abilities, Work Values, Knowledge, Skill and Work Context.

Individuals will be provided with recommendations on suitable career pathways & roles. The report also provides information on education and skills required to pursue the desired career pathways.

The assessment is powered by data from O*NET, the largest open source career database in the world, and provides very accurate recommendations as the candidate's profile is statistically matched with the profiles of successful people in similar careers.

Career Test duration is 30 to 40 minutes

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Why Career Guidance and Mentoring for Professionals ?

There are a lot of external factors that predict the success and satisfaction of a person at work as well, including management, coworkers, job function, passions, etc. A career test and discussion with a mentor thus allows you to discover and factor in these considerations in your decision making. It is essential to weigh these factors against the requirements of the occupation/role, and see if you have the right fit.

These decisions have become even more critical these days as career paradigms change, given the rapid technological changes, and the advent of artificial intelligence causing many roles to become obsolete. Decisions such as when to make a career change which skill to enhance or advanced educational program to take up, and how to get a job after being fired / laid–off, are made easy with the assistance of the right career guidance. In addition, a career mentor/coach can also identify opportunities which will be in demand in the future.

Presently very few online career guidance platforms offer career advise to working professionals and promote occupation or role changes to professionals by accurate and researched based career assessment tests.