We help graduating students and freshers in engineering , medical , management, humanities and other courses to make the right career decisions, be it in selecting courses or fields of specialization for further studies/post graduation or selecting the right role to start their professional lives in the industry

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Career assessment and guidance for Graduates , Career assessment and guidance for Freshers |
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Career Guidance for College Students

Career Ignite is suitable for students pursuing graduation and post graduation and looking for insights on further study options or suitable career pathways in the industry

It profiles an individual on the basis of the self-assessment of Interests, Work styles, Abilities, Work Values , Knowledge and Skill areas.

Students will be provided with recommendations on suitable pathways & roles. The report also provides information on linked education and skilling options.

The assessment is powered by data from O*NET, the largest open source career database in the world, and provides very accurate recommendations as the candidate's profile is statistically matched with the profiles of successful people in similar careers.

Career Test duration is 25 to 35 minutes

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Why Career Guidance and Mentoring is important for Graduates and Post Graduates ?

Graduation plays an important role in defining your professional life and provides a base for fulfilling your goals. So after graduation, you should have a higher level of expertise in the particular educational course you have done. For a wide number of students,however it is still difficult to choose the right career path after their college education. With changes in the world of work, individuals have a wide range of careers to choose from, some of which didn’t even exists few years ago. Thus, when selecting the best career path after education, you may need to get guidance and support from professional mentors.

You will have to understand potential growth, competitiveness, workplace quality, job conditions etc. before you select a suitable profession after your degree. You've came so far in your educational journey, and it's now the best time to make the right career choice as this could undoubtedly pave the way for a bright future. This isn't as easy and simple as it seems. Today the employment market is growing and changing rapidly and ,many gig jobs are also become increasingly popular.

Considering our strong researched base and advanced analytics used, our tests for career guidance after graduation will provide the direction and impetus for you to plan your future.