8431- General farm workers

Canada NOC: 
Job Title: 

General farm workers

Job Description: 

General farm workers plant, cultivate and harvest crops, raise livestock and poultry and maintain and repair farm equipment and buildings. This group includes operators of farm machinery. General farm workers are employed on crop, livestock, fruit, vegetable and specialty farms.

Main Duties: 

General farm workers perform some or all of the following duties:

Plant, fertilize, cultivate, spray, irrigate and harvest crops
Feed and tend livestock and poultry
Milk cows
Operate and maintain farm machinery and equipment
Detect disease and health problems in crops, livestock and poultry
Examine produce for quality and prepare for market
Set and monitor water lines, air flow and temperature in barns, pens and chicken coops
Clean stables, barns, barnyards and pens.

General farm workers can become specialized in a particular type of crop or livestock production through experience.

Employment Requirements: 

There are no specific education or training requirements. However, a college certificate or specialized courses related to farming, such as farm equipment mechanics, agricultural welding, tree pruning and pesticide application, are available.
Basic farm knowledge, usually obtained from working on a family farm, may be required for employment.
A course or certificate in first aid may be required.

Additional Inormation: 

Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

Classified Elsewhere: 

Agricultural service contractors, farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers (8252)
Harvesting labourers (8611)
Managers in agriculture (0821)

Source Of Info: 

National Occupation Classification, (2011)

Statistics Canada and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada,

February 2012,

Catalogue no. 12-583-X