8411- Underground mine service and support workers

Canada NOC: 
Job Title: 

Underground mine service and support workers

Job Description: 

Underground mine service and support workers perform a range of duties related to the operation of orepasses, chutes and conveyor systems, the construction and support of underground structures, passages and roadways, and the supply of materials and supplies to support underground mining. They are employed by coal, metal and non-metallic mineral mines.

Main Duties: 

Underground mine service and support workers perform some or all of the following duties:

Operate and maintain ore chutes or conveyor systems to control flow of ore or coal in underground mine
Operate construction equipment such as bulldozer, grader or backhoe to build and maintain underground passages and haulageways
Construct and repair wood or metal supports and structures such as bulkheads, platforms, drift doors and chutes using construction and mining tools
Attach and extend ventilation and water pipes and related mine services
Assist miners in setting up and operating various drills and other mining machinery
Supply and maintain backfill distribution of sand, rock or other materials
Operate diesel or electric track haulage equipment such as ore trains to distribute personnel and supplies and to convey ore from orepass to primary crusher or skip
Maintain supply storage areas and maintain equipment and supplies such as explosives, drill bits, fire extinguishers, lamps and batteries
Perform routine maintenance of machinery.

Employment Requirements: 

Completion of secondary school is usually required.
Previous formal training of up to six weeks followed by periods of on-the-job training as a helper or in support occupations is usually required.
Previous experience as a mine labourer is usually required.
May be certified in the basic common core program in Ontario.
Company licensing or certification is often required for occupations in this unit group.

Additional Inormation: 

Mobility is possible to other occupational groups in underground mining.
There is mobility between employers within each of the three following sectors: underground coal mining, underground hard rock mining and underground potash, salt or soft rock mining.
Mobility between these sectors is somewhat limited by differences in production technologies.

Classified Elsewhere: 

Drillers and blasters - surface mining, quarrying and construction (7372)
Mine labourers (8614)
Underground production and development miners (8231)

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Source Of Info: 

National Occupation Classification, (2011)

Statistics Canada and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada,

February 2012,

Catalogue no. 12-583-X