4011- University professors and lecturers

Canada NOC: 
Job Title: 

University professors and lecturers

Job Description: 

University professors and lecturers teach courses to undergraduate and graduate students and conduct research at universities. University professors who are heads of departments are included in this unit group.

Main Duties: 

University professors and lecturers perform some or all of the following duties:

Teach one or more university subjects to undergraduate and graduate students
Prepare and deliver lectures to students and conduct laboratory sessions or discussion groups
Prepare, administer and grade examinations, laboratory assignments and reports
Advise students on course and academic matters and career decisions
Direct research programs of graduate students and advise on research matters
Conduct research in field of specialization and publish findings in scholarly journals or books
May serve on faculty committees dealing with such matters as curriculum planning and degree requirements, and perform a variety of administrative duties
May represent their universities as speakers and guest lecturers
May provide professional consultative services to government, industry and private individuals.

University professors and lecturers specialize in a particular subject matter such as biology, chemistry, anatomy, sociology, business administration or law.

Employment Requirements: 

A doctoral degree in the field of specialization is required for university professors.
A master's degree in the field of specialization is required for university lecturers.
Licences or professional certification may be required for professors teaching future practitioners in certain professionally regulated fields, such as medicine, engineering, architecture, psychology or law.

Additional Inormation: 

University professors who are also practitioners in their field of specialization must have the appropriate licences or certification.
Progression to senior positions within a department, faculty or university is possible with experience.

Classified Elsewhere: 

College and other vocational instructors (4021)
Other instructors (4216)
Post-secondary teaching and research assistants (4012)

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Source Of Info: 

National Occupation Classification, (2011)

Statistics Canada and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada,

February 2012,

Catalogue no. 12-583-X