What is Telecommunication

Telecommunication is defined as the exchange of signals, messages, writings, images, sound or any kind of information via wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic system.

In this era of information, more digitally enhanced devices are paving way to extension for wider range of communication technology. Telecommunication has helped greatly in doing businesses smoothly worldwide through a variety of telecommunication system installations which has in turn increased the productivity and growth.

In the present day scenario with the pandemic raging across the globe, telecommunication technology has greatly facilitated not just personal but also business interactions. With the world in lockdown, telecommunications made voice calls, video calls and sharing of data possible, and with that, the smooth running of both educational and business activities.

“An efficient telecommunications network is the foundation upon which an information society is built.”

                                                                                                                                              - Talal Abu-Ghazaleh

Emerging Careers in electronics and telecommunication engineering : 

The personal attributes required for a telecommunication engineer are communication skills, organizational ability, problem solving and quick decision making. Besides these, a good knowledge of science, mathematics and strong computer background and C programming language is required. People in the telecommunication field have a number of sectors to work in. Some focus their efforts on conducting research for the design and development of new telecommunications devices or improve existing solutions.

Careers in electronics and telecommunication engineering

The list of top five in demand careers and the work involved has been listed below:

1)Telecommunications Engineering Specialists

The work includes design or configuration of voice, video, and data communications systems. Engineers need to be updated with the changes in technology through vast sources available and interact with telecommunications vendors to obtain pricing and technical specifications for available hardware, software, or services,  perform maintain the hardware through preventive checks, backups and recovery procedures, and identify and propose requirements in consultation with other users and administrators for any modifications in the existing setup or new purchases.

2) Electronics Engineering Technologists

The main aim is to aassist electronics engineers in activities such as electronics systems and instrumentation design or signal processing. Modify, maintain, repair, and replace defective components or parts in electronics equipment or systems to ensure proper functioning, and create and maintain design, testing, or operational records and documentation.

3) Broadcast Technicians

Broadcast technicians are required to set up, operate, and maintain the electronic equipment used to transmit radio and television programs. Control audio equipment for quality and volume during radio and television broadcasts. Operate transmitter to broadcast radio or television programs and other tasks related to monitor like it’s strength, clarity and reliability of incoming and outgoing signals and adjust equipment as necessary to maintain quality broadcasts.

4) Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers

The main tasks include installation, set-up, rearrangement, or removal of switches, distribution, routing, and dialing equipment used in central offices.They may be assigned for servicing or repairing the telephone, cable television,wifi modem or connection, and other communications equipment on customers' property. May include installation of communications equipment or communications wiring in buildings and also demonstration of equipment to customers and explain how it is to be used, and respond to any inquiries or complaints and assembling and installing communication equipment such as data and telephone communication lines, switching equipment, frames, computer systems, and networks.

5) Computer Network Architects

Primary job responsibility is to design and implement computer and information networks, including wide area networks (WAN) local area networks (LAN), extranets,  extranets, and other data communications networks. Other activities include capacity planning, and identifying inefficiencies of the resources. Also includes the development of disaster recovery plans.

Some other career options that candidates generally opt for are in research and development field, teaching and sales and marketing. There are some subject oriented jobs as well such that coding, wireless or radio communication, networking, signal processing data etc.

To sum up, career prospects in this highly specialized field is based on the candidates specialized skill and training.

Courses in telecommunication engineering:

There are various ways by which one can make his/her career in telecommunication. A degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is the most common qualification. 

  1. Undergraduate (UG): For B.E./B.Tech/BS(3 or 4 years), candidates must have passed 10+2 from a recognized board with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as their main subjects.
  2. Postgraduate (PG): For M.E./M.Tech./MS(1 or 2 years), candidates must have passed their bachelors degree , preferably in the same specialization. 


The telecommunications industry is constantly progressing and expanding.As we have seen how the world came to a halt due to Covid-19 Pandemic but the multinational companies and various businesses continued working due to advancement in the field of telecommunications. Even the online classes of schools, colleges and different institutes became possible because of platforms providing services like videotelephony, teleconferencing etc.



The below courses provide a good overview on the study area

An introduction is provided in the below video

Frequently  Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions by students.

A telecommunication engineer is someone who designs complex electronic communications and broadcasting systems. The designing may include products and services such as telephones, fiber optics, and radio-frequency systemsetc. Many of the products and services designed by telecommunications engineer are used by almost everyone on a daily basis.

A telecommunications engineer often focus on the communication related areas, such as fiber optics, circuit designing, networking etc.The working can include designing of microscopic processors and circuits, and also large infrastructure projects to establish wireless networks for an organization.

With all the advancements in the field of Science and Technology, the telecommunication sector has also registered a growth..It is quite impossible to imagine a life without telecommunication. All these growth in the field of Telecommunication sector have contributed in bringing forward many new opportunities of employment generation and other career prospective. It has by now been regarded as one of the most prominent sectors for flourishing one's career.

Out of all the core subjects you may excel in any one topic of your interest. Apart from this you must be having some soft skills such as organization, multitasking, communication, self motivation etc.

Coding is considered as one of the important skills which is applied almost everywhere with the technological advancements. Knowing such skills might be beneficial for landing a good job.

In the present day scenario, telecommunication technology is having a great impact on how people interact with each other globally. It has become possible to communicate with anyone located at any point through voice calls, video calls and by sharing data. Telecommunication has helped greatly in doing businesses smoothly worldwide through a variety of telecommunication system installments which has in turn increased the productivity and growth.It can be simply said that in the coming future, the need of qualified telecommunication engineers is going to increase tremendously.

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