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"The aim of marketing is to reduce the need for selling"

- Phillip Kotler

In this era of virtual markets, promoting and selling your product and services skillfully has become essential. The massive rise of technology has played a key role in the development of career opportunities in the Sale and Marketing field.

While a lay person may use the terms interchangeably, the activities differ widely for sales and marketing. The sales domain is concerned with operations and activities involved in the actual selling and distribution of a product or service, while the marketing domains are exclusively about the process or technique of creating interest and awareness, developing and promoting brand image etc. While sales teams focus on a smaller set of people, marketing applies to a bigger group or general public at large.

A career in Sales and Marketing is enhanced by making the appropriate choice of courses.


Careers in Sales and Marketing 

Here are some of the emerging career options in this field:

  1. Digital Marketing Specialist: Since having quality products and services is not enough, a company needs to put a significant amount of effort into marketing them online and offline. Digital Marketing specialist is an emerging job role in Education, Marketing, Advertising, IT, etc. The job role is to sift through online campaigns and generate leads via the internet, tasks across various social media platforms, SEO, continuous analysis of a brand's digital presence and growth. Considering the simultaneous growth of digitalization and advance marketing trend it is evident that this career option has and will have full potential. 

  2. Interbrand MarketerThe past decade has seen a rapid growth of companies offering personalized services that link consumers to a whole host of third-party products and services. An Interbrand marketer's job is to catalyze inter-company relationships with a raft of expanding influencer brands. Job roles include devise and run marketing programs, represent the quality and ethos of a brand, build data and feedback loops with partners, etc. Observing the increasing brands and evolution of the market conclude that this job role will have demand in the near future. 

  3. In-world Marketing ArchitectIn addition to traditional marketing and advertising techniques, marketing within the augmented/virtual reality has emerged as a completely new branch. VR/AR, video games, and movies account for more than 90% of our daily visual hence brands are now entering this field to promote their products. One has to find where the target audience spends most of their virtual time and market to them, offer attractive rewards, etc. Even though this field requires a significant amount of technical knowledge it proves to be an extremely interesting and innovative option for marketing aspirants.

  4. Inside Salesperson: Advancements in modern technology have enabled to reach nearly anyone, anywhere which is the basis of inside sales. An inside salesperson has to guide the customers through the sales process remotely, build relationships with the buyers using video, email, social media, and phone calls. It doesn't involve much travel or on-field work. Inside sales can be a good way to begin your career in sales because you can work alongside other sales professionals in a comparatively safe learning environment. Due to the increasing shift of the market to the digital platform, this career has plenty of scope. 

  5. Sales EngineerThe sales engineer's role has a perfect blend of the technical expertise of engineers and the business insight and selling skills of a traditional sales professional. It's a unique combination that has demand in the emerging market. Job role includes answering in-depth questions about product/services; work with prospects to determine technical needs; communicate those needs to the concerned teams; help give demos, explain technical features; and craft the technical components. Considering that sales engineering calls for more tech-savvy than a traditional selling role, the pay for it is comparatively high.  


Courses in Sales and Marketing 




"Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately, it takes a lifetime to master"

- Philip Kotler

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Sales and Marketing): Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year degree programme that provides a foundation in business management with focused emphasis on Marketing, Sales, Market research and analysis, Customer Service, Communication etc.

  • Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)/Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS): These programs offer theoretical and practical knowledge to students interested in the fields of commerce, business, and administration. It aids in the growth of their business acumen and entrepreneurial experiences, training them to be successful leaders and managers in the future.

  • BBA + MBA (Integrated MBA): After completing their 12th grade, students can enroll in a 5-year integrated programme called BBA+MBA. Candidates will be able to learn management skills at both the bachelor’s and master’s levels through this curriculum. The length of the programme may differ from one college to the next, as certain colleges may award a degree after four years of study. 

  • MBA/PGDM in Sales and Marketing: Candidates interested in pursuing a Master's degree in sales and marketing must have a Bachelor's degree in some discipline from a recognised institution. Admission to MBA or PGDM programmes in sales and marketing is usually determined by entrance exams, merit, and interviews.

Most postgraduate business courses have Marketing as an elective, however there are also some specialized courses in Marketing that students can opt for.

PGDM Post-Graduate Programme in Management: Marketing Specialization: The PGDM in Marketing is a full-time postgraduate-level diploma programme that prepares students for careers in marketing. It’s a 2-year program.

PGP Specialization in Marketing: The Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) is a master's level programme that leads to a Master in Business Administration degree (MBA). The full-time residential programme lasts two years and is structured to prepare students for leadership positions in an increasingly complex and diverse global environment.

Online Courses 

Online platforms and Universities offer a variety of contemporary courses in Sale & Marketing.

1) Digital Marketing Specialization- Offered by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign- on Coursera. It is a distance learning and self-paced course allowing students to learn from the experts. 

2) Business English: Marketing and Sales- Offered by Arizona State University- on Coursera. This course gives aspirants proper training about verbal skills and enhances presentation skills.

3) Advanced Programme for Marketing Professionals- Offered by IIM Calcutta. It is a one-year course, designed with a part-time option. Aspirants find this course pragmatic since it adds to the current knowledge.

4) Certifies Sales Leadership Professional- Offered by Sale Management Association. The course comprises of series of e-learning courses or attend workshops, an examination and meet role-related requirements. 

5) Certified Inside Sales Professional- Offered by AA-ISP. 

This program is competency-based and rigorous, it basically includes 10 courses followed by a live sales call role-play exam with a prospect.

Above courses offer you a notable insight and open up great entry points to the Sales & Marketing sector.



Sales & Marketing is a career field that offers aspirants unlimited earning potential, great fulfilment, and autonomy. Technology has efficiently helped enhance the career options in this field. This article may help aspirants find suitable option for their shared goals of more sales and thriving marketing for business.



The below courses provide a good overview on the study area

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions by students.

The difference between the sales and marketing field is very particular. Marketing field generally involves presenting an existing product in a client-pleasing manner or building a product that would fit into consumer needs, making people aware of it or attracting attention. Whereas the sales domain is about converting your target audience into your customers and getting them to buy your product.

The scope of this field is never-ending since companies keep on making new products which need to presented skillfully and sold on a significant scale. With new advancements and digitalization, the scope and opportunities in this field see new dimensions. In the last ten years, 40% of companies have newly emphasized on the marketing and sales services.

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