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Industrial advancements and digitalization have paved the way for numerous careers in the field of Computers and Electronics. Imagining a lifestyle bereft of electronic gadgets seems impossible in today’s world. There is no field left across the globe where one cannot find the usage of computers and electronics. Perhaps, it is clearly visible why computer and electronic technology has become the vertebrae of digitalization. In the computer field, one has to deal with computer design, programming, applications, etc. on the other hand the electronics field is about audio/visual and light electronic equipment; microelectronics, and telecommunications. 

"The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow." 

       - Bill Gates

Emerging Career opportunities in Computer & Electronics 

Some of the emerging career options in this field are listed below: 

  1. Satellite Electronic Engineer: 

Here individuals have an opportunity to work on first of its kind product lines within an incredible, dynamic environment. This job role includes integrating system solutions, space systems and satellites, and energy, and monitoring applications for defense, industrial, and commercial customers. Looking at all the unimaginable heights attained by space institutions this career has immense scope.

  1. IoT-Wearable Electronics Developer: 

This job role holds high demand in Healthcare as well as many other industries. This career option focuses on providing quality diagnostic, monitoring, therapeutic solutions for management, etc. The prime focus of this job role is towards developing low cost embedded solutions for real-time data collections from patients. Simultaneously its about developing technology to communicate data wirelessly for IoT applications.

  1. Cyber Security Analyst: 

Security will remain a top concern for IT executives and companies as the frequency, scope, and complexity of cyber-attacks continues to escalate. Organizations spend more and more time in hiring cybersecurity professionals to build a defense to keep their data secure. This creates an incredible career opportunity for technology professionals.

  1. Cloud Engineer: 

As companies seek a hybrid approach to storing in the cloud this career option is in high-demand and would continue to be for further years. A professional in this job role is tasked with all aspects of cloud computing, including management, maintenance, design, and planning. Companies are using cloud storage as a low-cost and effective means of storing data, where cloud engineers are essential. 

  1. Software & Applications Developer: 

Smartphones, tablets, and laptop applications continue to change the way we communicate, do business. The demand for new and innovative mobile apps is growing at an incredible speed. This job role would significantly demand knowledge of programming languages and coding to develop Apps and software. The demand for this role is steadily on the rise.

  1. Data Scientist: 

Data scientists use technologies like big data analytics, cloud computing, and machine learning to analyze datasets, extract valuable insights for future predictions. The demand for this role is on a steep rise.

As aforementioned, one can see that computers and electronics are a part of our everyday life, and the fields show no– signs of slowing down in the near future. It is a boon for aspirants in this field, as it opens up endless opportunities for them in top-notch manufacturing and IT industries.




TOP Courses in Computer & Electronics

To mould your career in any desired form one needs to primarily choose the right education courses that compliment your dream job role. Here are few of the top courses in the field of computers and electronics: 

  • Bachelors / Masters in Computer Science Engineering  

    Bachelors /Masters in Computer Applications (BCA/MCA)

    Bachelors / Masters in Electrical Engineering  

    Bachelors / Masters in Electronics and Communication  

    Bachelors / Masters in AI/Data Science  

    Bachelors / Masters in Cloud Computing  

    Bachelors / Masters in Cyber Security  

The Bachelor of Science/Engineering is an undergraduate level program and typically 3 or 4 years long. The masters courses are typically one or two years long.  


The below courses provide a good overview on the study area

An introduction is provided in the below video

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions by students.

It’s hard to choose one since both might be interrelated but different, computer field deals with more of software and applications while electronics is focused mainly on hardware studies. The choice completely depends on an individual’s interests.

Computer technology and Electronics have become the vertebrae of digitalization. Several new careers are emerging in this field, which is as follows:

  • Computers: 

  1. Web Developer/Designer 

  2. Cloud Engineer

  3. Video Game Designer 

  • Electronics:

  1. Electronical Designer

  2. IoT- Wearable Electronic Developer   

  3. 3D Printing Technology Developer

The curriculum varies slightly for each institute, but it typically includes programming languages, Software Mechanics,micro-processors etc. The four-year degree typically also includes Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at the initial stage. Students also get to choose subjects as their electives for specializations.

Computer and electronics fields have a lot of competition and sometimes individuals don’t end up in the desired educational institute or job, having backup options for such situations is a must. At such point one should without any doubt explore better options. Many other creative domains are open for aspirants that are interrelated to computer and electronics and provide better opportunities. Just like 

       -  Product Designing  

       - Graphic Designer 

       - Automobile Design and Testing 

Aspirants have several opportunities if not one, then other to take up the newest innovative jobs like: 

       - - Cyber Security Analyst  

       - User Experience Designer 

       - Satellite Electronic Engineering 

       - 3D Computer Animation 

While full time courses are still considered a requirement for job prospects in this area, with the evolution of educational agenda and digitalization many universities offer online or distance-learning courses/degrees which can be of added benefit to students the world over. Online certifications enable students to access top courses offered from the best universities and add value to their qualifications through short term courses. With the onset of Covid-19, online courses have taken on much more importance.

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