Research Driven Framework

Any career assessment and guidance system for mass adoption should have the following features: a strong research base, non- proprietary approach, accuracy and usage of standardized scales to measures traits that have been identified over the years as essential for a good career match.  Another critical requirement for the validity of recommendations is that the system should be based on actual data collected from industry professionals. And finally, the career taxonomies (number of careers recommended) used should be comprehensive and complete.

Keeping the above in mind, the Tucareers solution has been developed with the following features

O*NET based model

 Based on extensive cross disciplinary published research in the areas of decision sciences & career decision making

 Build on actual career data from O*NET the world’s largest occupational data base in the world. The data in O*NET is collected over 60+years from thousands of participants across different industry segments

 The assessment framework uses standardized & nonproprietary assessment scales that provide accurate career recommendations based on assessment of multiple traits, with an individual mapped analytically on more than 100 variables

 Our framework includes cultural elements that facilitates use of O*NET outside USA and also proposes enhancements that significantly increase the decision value for a career decision maker

 Career recommendations are based on established career taxonomies and provide cross linkages to national and international standards

 Aligned to govt. initiatives in developing countries where career standards are still evolving E.g. National Career Services project launched by Department of Labor, Govt. of India in 2015 recommends O*NET to its growing network of counselors