Solutions for Industry

Career transitions are increasingly becoming the responsibility of the individual and limited career decision support exists within organizations to help them with their career paths. We provide career planning workshops and career assessment services that help organizations to provide their employees the much needed career decision support required for them to plan their careers roles and transitions.

 Our research based framework provides comprehensive assessments based on their attributes that can map individuals to different career roles in the industry. These assessments include work style, values, interest and abilities. We also factor in preferred skills and knowledge areas and previous experience to report on exact fitment on different available roles

 Our career decision framework provides predictive details on satisfaction and tenures that can facilitate decisions. The solutions have direct impact on the bottom line with decrease role based attrition, enhanced productivity, employee engagement and satisfaction

 Our unique prescriptive solution can be used under constraints situations. Example the assessment done for a batch of freshers / benched engineers can be used to suggest optimum deployments

 The career assessment services can also be utilized to determine the fitment of individuals for critical internal job postings or to identify fresh talent from campuses

 Since our framework is based on the latest in career decision research and builds on the O*NET career taxonomy and competency mapping framework, it provides the first time right approach to collect individual attributes data (missing so far in the industry). This data in combination with job design and other data (e.g. recruitment) already existing part of organizations provides a robust framework for implementing people analytics solutions.

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