1526- Transportation route and crew schedulers

Canada NOC: 
Job Title: 

Transportation route and crew schedulers

Job Description: 

Transportation route and crew schedulers prepare operational and crew schedules for transportation equipment and operating personnel. They are employed by municipal transit commissions, truck, delivery and courier companies, railways, airlines and by other transportation establishments in both the private and public sectors.

Main Duties: 

Transportation route and crew schedulers perform some or all of the following duties:

Review schedule requisitions, passenger counts and cargo, running times, distances, personnel availability and other pertinent information to establish schedule parameters
Design new or modify existing schedules using computer software or other methods
Incorporate into route plan factors such as peak travel periods, holidays, special events and construction with emphasis on time and cost efficiency
Assign personnel to equipment and routes and schedule work shifts
Compile equipment and personnel records, including hours in service, distances, maintenance, repairs required and other data, to produce operating reports
May prepare user guides and other public service information.

Employment Requirements: 

Completion of secondary school is required.
Several years of experience in an appropriate transportation sector are usually required.
On-the-job training may be provided.

Additional Inormation: 

Mobility between occupations in this group is limited due to the requirement of specific transportation sector experience.
Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

Classified Elsewhere: 

Flight schedulers managers (in 0731 Managers in transportation)
Production schedulers in manufacturing establishments (in 1523 Production logistics co-ordinators)
Scheduling technicians in manufacturing (in 2233 Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists and technicians)
Supervisors of transportation route and crew schedulers (in 1215 Supervisors, supply chain, tracking and scheduling co-ordination occupations)

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Source Of Info: 

National Occupation Classification, (2011)

Statistics Canada and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada,

February 2012,

Catalogue no. 12-583-X